I am a creative professional.

I have over a decade of experience with design, marketing and technology, thanks to the successful launch of 2 companies.

I have helped brands from all over the world with creative projects and marketing campaigns.


Digital marketing

  • Strategy and creation of marketing campaigns
  • Analytics and control
  • Social media


  • Graphic design
  • Design consulting
  • Videos and animations

Project management

  • Creative direction
  • Planning and strategy
  • Team work


My clients are brands interested in increasing their exposure with great design and inventive marketing.

I have worked with medium and large companies, startups, artists, schools, tech companies, retailers, blogs and much more.


Talks and interviews

My work as a creative professional presented me with amazing experiences. I have lived in the US, Europe and Brazil. I have worked for small and huge companies. I have managed extraordinary projects, but also suffered with egocentric and terrible clients. I love sharing this experience to inspire other creatives.

Since 2016 I have been working on a new project where I interview the most amazing creative people around the world. I have talked to famous Marvel illustrators, Hanna Barbera animators, designers, artists and marketing pros from coast to coast.

About me

I started working with design and mastered the Adobe applications at an early age. Over the years I have worked with graphic design, video, product design and branding. I have an extensive experience with all types of projects.

I graduated in business management, with post graduation specialization in marketing and project management. I also studied fine arts and watercolor, both lifetime passions.

I founded my first company when I was 16. I always managed my companies with a strong focus on design, and that helped me succeed and innovate.

My work has been featured on leading design blogs like Core 77, Lost at E Minor, Yanko Design and Behance.

Below is my office, where I craft my projects and designs.



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